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Meet Shannan Compton Game and find out why I think she is awesome!This week on the blog, I want to share the love and tell you about one of my favorite people on the planet: Shannah Compton Game. Shannah is not just an amazing CFP® Professional (and good friend of mine), but she is also a fellow CFP® Board Ambassador. What’s even more amazing about Shannah is her uber-successful platform dedicated towards financially empowering Millennials. It’s called Your Millennial Money and I can tell you firsthand what an amazing job she is doing to help spread the word and importance of financial literacy to a generation that desperately needs it.

One of the reasons I get along so well with Shannah is because we have eerily similar starts to our careers (in a good way) as financial professionals. We both happen to be CFP®s that have worked with their father and we both obtained our MBAs – because who doesn’t need more letters after their name? Moreover, we both discovered along our respective journeys that our Millennial peers knew nothing about personal finance and that we should do something about it. For Shanna, it led her to create her highly ranked iTunes podcast, #MillennialMoney Podcast, which now has over 2.5 million downloads from 164 countries worldwide! I smell awards in her future. Shannah didn’t stop there, though. She is also a Professor in Finance at California State University Northridge where she actually has her students create a financial plan for themselves. Her work has won her a Golden Apple Award at California State University Northridge for outstanding teaching. This is something we should all admire as we sure could use more classes like hers in higher education!

There is more bragging I could do about her, but do yourself a favor and head on over to her website. While there be sure to check out the two different courses you can take about budgeting which is such an essential piece to understanding your finances. My masters of cash flow get it. She also has a YouTube channel and a Blog!  Yes, indeed she does everything and does it well, but most importantly, Shannah is passionate about helping millennials and entrepreneurs empower themselves and get in a better money mindset so they can achieve their lifestyle goals, which is something we all should want for ourselves. By the way, Shannah is also working on a new web series set to launch in 2018 called, Budget Rescue™, where he will help couples overcome their money roadblocks and achieve their dreams and goals. You can count on me signing up to watch! Lastly, you can catch us both on her podcast throughout the year discussing a wide array of personal finance topics. Why she’s inviting me back, I have no idea, but I know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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