Check out my top 5 money habits to work on before you turn 30.

Top 5 Money Habits to Learn Before Age 30

For many Millennials, personal finance is a complicated area.  There was never a class in high school, college or even business school that taught everything you need to know about personal finance.  And there are people on TV yelling at you with recommendations for what to buy or sell, but that’s not what it’s really[…]

Millennials should have the financial conversation before getting married. Learn how to communicate with your partner about money.

Millennial Financial Conversations to Have Before Marriage

Remember that teasing tune we all used to sing on the playground: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes crippling debt!” Is that not how it goes? Maybe I learned the alternate version of the song. I think what was missing between the marriage and the crippling debt parts was a financial conversation between[…]

Financially Empowering Millennials

Financially Empowering Millennials in the New Year

Before I talk about Financially Empowering Millennials, Happy New Year, everyone! 2016 was kind of a weird, right? We lost some great musical and acting talent. But, hey, at least 2016 didn’t claim Betty White! All jokes aside, this year, I want you to truly feel empowered about your finances. It’s not enough to want[…]

Millennials, Stay Clear of Financial Goal-Setting Mistakes in the New Year

You might remember my article on “Revisiting Tips for a Financially Empowered New Year,” where I told you I wasn’t the biggest fan of resolutions. Oh, yeah, and I let you call me a New Year’s party pooper? That’s still a true statement (not the party pooper part), but I’m never opposed to you[…]

Student Loan Questions For Millennials. After graduation from college, how do I pay down my student loan debt?

Student Loan Questions For Millennials | Paying Down College Debt

Time to show my younger Millennials some love. I am talking to you my college freshman and sophomores. If you’re like most of my high achieving clients, you made it through high school unscathed. You graduated with good grades (or honors), and did everything “right”: student council, volunteering outside of school or joining every club[…]

Estate Planning for the Millennial

When it comes to considering the future, many of us are only thinking about tomorrow, not 5, 10 or even 20 years in the future. This can especially be said for the younger generations. USA Today reports that Millennials are foregoing future planning until they’re married or have children. Cue the Homer Simpson, “Doh!” Making[…]

Millennials looking to buy a home need to look no further. Let's show you how.

Home Buying for Millennials – How to Buy Your First Home: Part 1

Oh, hello again. Look at what we did to the web site! Do you like it? Well, I decided to hire an SEO professional to make the change from SquareSpace to WordPress! I hope you find this site just as fresh as the last one. Before we begin, a big thanks to everyone that participated in[…]