Does retirement mean downsizing? It's one of your choices.

Where Are You Going to Live in Retirement?

A lot of this blog is focused on issues that Millennials themselves are facing, but this week I want to share some thoughts for my Boomers. (Millennials, this is a good post to send to your parents if they are nearing retirement). If you are already retired or nearing retirement, the choice of where to[…]

Helping Millennials buy their first home.

Home Buying for Millennials – How to Buy Your First Home: Part 2

Welcome back. Let’s get to it by picking up right where we left off. Making an offer – “This is the one,” you say. We said it more than twice. Now that you have equipped yourself with vast amounts of research and you have a trusted agent at your side, you should be in a[…]

Millennials looking to buy a home need to look no further. Let's show you how.

Home Buying for Millennials – How to Buy Your First Home: Part 1

Oh, hello again. Look at what we did to the web site! Do you like it? Well, I decided to hire an SEO professional to make the change from SquareSpace to WordPress! I hope you find this site just as fresh as the last one. Before we begin, a big thanks to everyone that participated in[…]

Cited on MarketWatch: What NOT to do when closing on a home.

Just a few weeks after the Experian first-time homebuyer #CreditChat (by the way, be sure to check this out on Twitter every week @ 3pm) this great article via MarketWatch came out with a few mentions from me and other leading industry professionals. It’s amazing what most people don’t know about the homebuying, let alone the delicate process[…]

First-time Homebuyer #CreditChat w/ Experian

Yesterday was my first Twitter Chat and Google Hangout. Experian, the well known credit reporting agency, has invited be to be a guest of a number of their #CreditChat panels, which take place every Wednesday @ 3:00pm. You can learn more about these amazing opportunities for financial education here: The topic for yesterday’s chat was[…]