Financially Empowering Millennials in the New Year

empowerBefore I talk about Financially Empowering Millennials, Happy New Year, everyone! 2016 was kind of a weird, right? We lost some great musical and acting talent. But, hey, at least 2016 didn’t claim Betty White!

All jokes aside, this year, I want you to truly feel empowered about your finances. It’s not enough to want to save or have a plan of action as to how you’re going to get your finances on track. I want you to be financially literate and posses the knowledge that you may have been deprived of in school while you were learning how to make apple pies in home economics. Not to disparage apple pies or cooking in general (Heather and I do a lot of that), but knowing the proper temperature of the oven for the crispy crust grandma’s pies were famous for probably didn’t help your confidence in the financial arena.

Financially Empowering Millennials in the New Year

Below are four simple tips you can use in becoming financially empowered in 2017.

  1. Review past mistakes – One way you can become more empowered is to look at your past financial failures. Inspecting some mistakes you may have made in the past with your finances can definitely make you keep from making those same mistakes in the future. And also can help you gain more confidence and seeing what worked and what didn’t.
  2. Review past financial goals –  I know, I know, everyone says it’s never good to look back. But in this case, you should look at your previous financial goals and see if they’re still relevant for this new year or if they need a bit of an overhaul.
  3. Ask for advice – No one comes into the world knowing everything. That’s why you have people like me who are trained and well-versed in fiscal situations, you know, being the Financial Advisor for Millennials and all. I want to help you understand your finances and be able to make sound, confident decisions with them. All you need do? Ask!
  4. Stop worrying – You know what “they” say, “worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.” The same goes when you worry about your finances. If all you’re doing is simply worrying about your financial life, but not doing anything to change it, that’s not doing anything for you or your funds.

Look, I get it. Understanding your finances may seem a bit tenuous and boring. I know it’s not that sexy. I am self aware. Also, I’m not saying you should have it all figured out in 2017 and for the rest of forever. Mistakes will be made; you’ll hit some roadblocks, and that’s okay. You will surely learn from them! However, what I am saying is that it is important for you to have the knowledge and the confidence to take control of your own financial future. Who knows, this time next year, you may be the person offering up your own pieces of financial wisdom.


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