Estate Planning for the Millennial

When it comes to considering the future, many of us are only thinking about tomorrow, not 5, 10 or even 20 years in the future. This can especially be said for the younger generations. USA Today reports that Millennials are foregoing future planning until they’re married or have children. Cue the Homer Simpson, “Doh!” Making[…]

Millennials can learn how to maximize their group benefits during open enrollment.

For Millennials and Gen Y, It’s Open Enrollment Season

It’s that time of year again for many employees: open enrollment for group benefits. This means you have a relatively small window of time to select or change the various elections offered to you. My friends at CNBC were kind enough to invite me back to On The Money to discuss the topic. You can watch[…]

Millennials and Gen Y, take control of your financial life before the year comes to an end,

Year End Financial Planning for Millennials

Heather loves the fall. From the leaves changing their colors to that certain crispness in the air, she can’t get enough of it. So far we’ve been to two pumpkin patches and one fall apple festival featuring a petting zoo. Hazel got to meet new furry friends. However, there was a pretty sad looking goat[…]

Helping Millennials buy their first home.

Home Buying for Millennials – How to Buy Your First Home: Part 2

Welcome back. Let’s get to it by picking up right where we left off. Making an offer – “This is the one,” you say. We said it more than twice. Now that you have equipped yourself with vast amounts of research and you have a trusted agent at your side, you should be in a[…]

Millennials looking to buy a home need to look no further. Let's show you how.

Home Buying for Millennials – How to Buy Your First Home: Part 1

Oh, hello again. Look at what we did to the web site! Do you like it? Well, I decided to hire an SEO professional to make the change from SquareSpace to WordPress! I hope you find this site just as fresh as the last one. Before we begin, a big thanks to everyone that participated in[…]