Millennials aren't investing because they lack the knowledge and funds and are afraid.

Why Aren’t Millennials Investing?

In the past year, I have seen a number of troubling statistics about Millennials not investing in the stock market.  One study said 60% of Millennials aren’t investing and another said 80%.  No matter which number, that percentage is too high.  That is an incredibly large portion of the population that is not participating in[…]

Special Trip to CNBC, Industry Changes and Guest Blog

What a special week. On Tuesday morning, I was scooped up in a large SUV to shoot millennial money segments at CNBC. While back stage I met Sue Herera (Nightly Business Report and Power Lunch) who gave me and my fellow panelist (Amanda Lott) some unsolicited parenting advice. She’s super nice and I was honored to[…]