That tax refund isn't what you think it is. Learn why letting Uncle Sam hold your money may not be the best idea.

We Take the Fun Out of Tax Refund

Are you getting a tax refund this year? The answer is probably yes because the IRS says that most taxpayers do get money back each year. Sadly, that is not the answer financial advisors like myself want to hear.  Why?  Because that means you just loaned the government money interest-free.  The federal government had your[…]

Millennials and Gen Y, take control of your financial life before the year comes to an end,

Year End Financial Planning for Millennials

Heather loves the fall. From the leaves changing their colors to that certain crispness in the air, she can’t get enough of it. So far we’ve been to two pumpkin patches and one fall apple festival featuring a petting zoo. Hazel got to meet new furry friends. However, there was a pretty sad looking goat[…]